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How much does video cost?

One of the most common questions we are asked is 'how much is a video?'

But asking 'how much is a video?' is just the same as asking 'how much is a car?'

You can buy a used banger for next to nothing but will probably won't be very reliable. You can get a glossy electric vehicle will all the bells and whistles that will probably mean having to sell your soul.

With so many variables, what you get will ALWAYS be driven by budget.

You might hear of a video costing £500 or £50,000 - but without any context, that doesn't mean anything. The £500 one might be a days filming at an event, whereas the £50,000 might be the same days filming at the same event but with Ryan Reynolds hosting the video.

So how much does a video cost?

Short answer - it depends.

The most helpful thing to a production company is a brief.

Be as detailed as you can:

- What's being filmed?

- When you want to film - is it being filmed over multiple days?

- How many people are involved?

- Will it require a voice over?

- What kind of edit style do you like?

- Does it require any travel abroad?

- Where will the video be shown?

- Do you require actors or models?

- Do you have a location in mind or do you need to hire one?

- How soon do you need the video delivered?

Having a fuller picture of your project requirements will help the production company assess what resources are needed to achieve your goal and provide an accurate quote.


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