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New year, new start

As we sign off on 2021, we reflect on the year; to learn from and what we can take with us into 2022.

The biggest thing for us that people will notice is the rebrand. Our website has already had a makeover, and behind the scenes, all of our documents have had a massive refresh. It's been 12 years so was well overdue.

This year has been an interesting year, though not nearly as bad as 2020. But the silver lining is that it's given us a chance to observe current conditions and the way businesses have utilised video during a pandemic, and allowed us to change the way we market ourselves.

2022 continues to develop our strategy and we're very excited to see where that's going to take us throughout the year.

The requirement for video will grow exponentially as people's buying habits change and we are very much going to be a part of that wave. Whether you're looking for a brand video to bring awareness to your business or product, or require short social videos, and everything in between, do get in touch.

Have a fantastic New Year and we'll see you in 2022!


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