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Why you should go pro

Updated: Jan 10, 2022

In the not-too-distant past, we had an old associate approach us asking for some advice on budget camera gear as they wanted to produce their own video content. Bringing a video department in-house is certainly a cost-effective way of churning out content.

Trouble is, they have no experience with video production. They would have to invest in more than just a camera. There's lighting, microphones, tripods for just your basics, assuming they didn't want to delve into cameras with interchangeable lenses.

Then there's the production process. Do they know about composition? Do they know how to set up lighting, how to best hook up a mic? Then more technically, do they know about exposure, white balance and shutter speeds? Even if they managed to get through production, how would they edit?

The short of it is, unless they spent thousands on kit, and either put someone on a media course or employ someone to produce their content, it's quite a big investment for what they wanted to do.

Sometimes, it's actually more cost-effective to bring in a company like ours to get the job done. With decades of collective experience, we can produce a professional video in a fraction of the time it takes them to produce a sub-par video.

So next time you think about creating your own video content, just think about your brand image and ask yourself, if you produced a video with the limited skills and resource you have, would it do more harm than good?


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